Access Control

Access control devices are a fundamental element of a security system in general, allowing or canceling the passage to a restricted space.

CTGA Controlamos is a powerful tool to protect access to your facilities and have real-time information on the operation and productivity of your company.

CTGA Controlamos CTGA Controlamos

Centralised solution for controlling worker access, vehicles, time management, visits, parcels...

CTGA Presencia CTGA Presencia

Definition of personnel timetables. Verification against the real markings to obtain the computations of hours (normal, overtime...).

CTGA Recintos CTGA Recintos

Administration of access to restricted or sensitive areas.
Customized activation of machines.

CTGA Producción CTGA Producción

Task planning, recording and analysis of time spent. Prepared for the use of touch screen for real time data entry.


CTGA, Desarrollo y Gestión Documental

Identification elements

RFID, Mifare, fingerprint, facial recognition..

CTGA, Desarrollo y Gestión Documental

Access control devices

Barriers, lathes, windlasses...

CTGA, Desarrollo y Gestión Documental


Pre-existing step control devices and elements in your organization